Amaresh’s experience with Prof. Mohan Gopalakrishnan

Solid colorful blocks of  many colors including blue, green, yellow, red, black, white, orange, brown and pink. Solid block of sizes- 2 X 2, 1 X 2, angle bushes, connector, plate, holder, knob, bow, arch, couple, axle, flat tile and many more…
If you are still thinking what I am talking about now, then you have never played with ‘Legos’ as a child! During my childhood the Legos game taught me my first lesson in motor skills, pattern recognition, and most importantly, engineering. These colorful solid block’s game were one of the primary reasons that drove my interest to study engineering. Even though I had passion for outdoor team sports, the absolute joy of constructing a Lego truck was what my childhood memories are made of.
Consequently, you can envisage my astonishment when years later, in a prestigious business school, all sixty MBA students stood in front of tables with Lego blocks! Was it a fun break??? Nope. This was a workshop in supply chain management. Concepts like sourcing, procurement, demand, supply, throughput and idle time, inventory management, team performance and maximizing efficiency were being taught to us through this Lego game. Every team consisted of five individuals and we were assigned a process flow which had numerous flaws in it. The task was to design a lean operation that would ensure maximum profitability in the end. We were allowed to do absolutely anything that would minimize our idle time and seem like the best strategy for our operations to flourish.
The workshop was an experiential learning at its best, taught to us by Dr. Mohan Gopalakrishnan.(, ( After the workshop we easily recognized bottlenecks, capacity issues, long set up and waiting times, slacking workers etc. We straightway recognized that we were hard-pressed to think and reflect practically like managers. Learning about the operations of a plant or a factory, drawing insights and strategizing the right decisions as a manager would finally help generating higher margins. During childhood did we identify that the Lego game could lead to us becoming sound managers!
The workshop got me reasons to think about education in general… Despite the fact how old we get, we are always placed at a learning curve and often with the same toys we played with when we were toddlers. Here education refines the steps for us to learn operating them like a manager.
Happy to be a MYRAcle….