Ananth’s experience about his journey @ MYRA so far

I am a PGDM (2 year program) student at MYRA School of Business. I hold a Masters degree in International Health Policy and Health Economics from The London School of Economics and Political Science. I have a total work experience of 5 years, all of it in the health sector. I have previously worked for the Narayana Hrudayalaya Group (now Narayana Health), where I was initially a member of their Core Planning and Strategy team, involved in designing and implementing key projects. I later went on to lead the Revenue Cycle Management initiatives for NH Bangalore and NH Kolkata. Since 2012, I have worked under my father in an entrepreneurial venture and help set-up India’s second largest cancer hospital in Bangalore. My key areas of interest include Cost Accounting, Cost-effectiveness Analysis and Insurance.
I still vividly remember the day I was interviewed by Prof Shalini Urs and Prof Bill Verdini at the Manipal Centre in Bangalore, for my admission at Myra. It was followed by an inspiring talk by Prof Verdini on Entrepreneurship.  It has been nearly a year and a half since my journey at Myra began and I would like to share some of my experiences and my reasons on why I feel the school is unique in its merit.
It has been a remarkable journey so far. Sitting right here in Mysore, I have learnt management subjects from the best Professors from all over the world. Myra has a unique pedagogy called the immersion model. It focuses on one course at a time, for two weeks, and, explores it to its depths. Each Professor designs his own course, the type of instruction, the number of hours of teaching, assignments, evaluation, etc. No day is the same. This heterogeneity of learning has made me more adaptable and prepared for a life of learning. The standards are very high. The Financial Accounting course taught by Prof Radhakrishna is the same course he teaches at Columbia and Wharton. The Managerial Accounting course by Dr Govind Iyer is the same course he teaches at IE Madrid. It is the same with Dr Raghavendra Rau from Cambridge or all the Professors from ASU Carey: Dr Minu Ipe, Dr Raghu Santhanam, Dr Mohan and Dr Sreedhar Bharath. Dr Rajiv Sinha’s course on New Product Development (a very popular course) is not taught at any of the IIMs. ISB is the only school other than Myra that offers the course. All my classmates and I have had to put continuous efforts to keep pace with the wealth of knowledge bombarded at us from all directions. All courses are very demanding but equally rewarding.
I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from each of our permanent faculty. From Dr Wolfgang Messner, a person with great expertise in Consulting, I have tried to imbibe the meticulous preparation and attention to detail that are a hallmark of all his courses. Dr Sudhi Rao is not only an encyclopaedia in all fields of management but he is also a man of ideas who develops lateral constructs on things all of us oversee. His engaging appetite for knowledge is awe-inspiring. Dr Sarkar humbles everyone with his presence. One of several features that define Myra is its focus on Big Data and Analytics in an era which has become increasingly dependent on the management of information to make decisions. Dr Sarkar is leading this initiative from the front. Despite their rich pedigrees, both in industry and academia, each one of them is humility personified. Thanks to Dr Sinha and Dr Verdini, I was fortunate to be part of a team that worked on a live consulting project. I worked on the business development of a large estate in the Nilgiris under their watchful guidance. I had a lot of practical learning and fun at the same time. Dr Naga has been a personal mentor for every student at Myra. His relentless energy and will, his practical tips on how to excel not only as managers and change agents in the companies we go on to work for after Myra but also our lives, our personal conversations, have all made a profound impact on me.
Mysore has become my third home after Bangalore and London. It has so much to offer. I live in a serviced apartment in a posh locality of the city, at a walking distance from the best restaurants, parks, fitness centres, malls and cinemas. For those with a spiritual bent of mind, there are numerous Yoga and Meditation centres. Mysore holds its place as the pre-eminent seat of learning in South India. I have made friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. We are a small group of students and we get individualized attention from the faculty. Although we come from diverse backgrounds and experience, I have not been in a class where the students care more for each other. I am proud to be part of my batch and my school.
I come from an entrepreneurial family and I have been privileged to learn and observe from close quarters what it takes to follow your dream, will and execute a large project. I am deeply appreciative of the efforts made by Chairperson Dr Shalini Urs and the management team. Myra has everything I can hope for in a world-class business school. You get bang for the buck, and some. When I joined Myra, I had a specific list of objectives that I wanted to achieve. With six months to go before I wrap up my course, I am well on my way to accomplishing them.