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My musings on Mysore by MYRAcle

One and half year has been passed living in Mysore. From first day when I reached to Mysore I felt that Mysore is an attractive city, peaceful, less pollution, less traffic, following different culture and full of historical places and other than it has pleasant weather. I belong to Madhya Pradesh, where I saw weather change drastically very often. In summer season, temperature is so high it reaches 48 to 49 degree Celsius which is unbearable. In winter, it reaches unbearably low temperatures.

But in Mysore, throughout the year, the weather remains pleasant. Mysore is a city which is a place where people from both India and across the world love to visit due to its relaxed atmosphere and weather.

What a lovely city it is, Mysore has been a city where all religions have co-existed in harmony for many centuries. In history, Mysore was culturally at its zenith under the Vijayanagar Empire and Wodeyars who always encouraged all religions and Cultures without any discrimination. The continuous patronage and helping & support of the kings in every field led to the evolution of a distinct style known as the “Mysore style” in all the fields like painting, architecture, music, poetry etc. over a period of time this culture has spread far and wide it was prefixed with the word “MYSORE” to identify the unique cultural heritage.


Mysore is a developing city. It has become the cosmopolitan city with people from different walks of life living together peacefully. I have seen in one and half year that people in Mysore practicing different faiths live harmoniously and they have very strong value of system and following culture strictly. This has helped the city develop. They have different festivals and they do various celebrations. People belonging to Mysore participate in different festivals and celebrations enthusiastically and by putting their effort to make that event successful.


Mysore is also modern city but it has not lost touch with its traditions and culture. The ultimate expression of cultural unity is witnessed during the 10 day long Dasara Festivities that is synonymous with Mysore. People of Mysore are full with excitement for this festival and they believe that this is one of the good festivals which are celebrated in Mysore. 10 days before the day of Dasara Mysore streets are decorated full of lights. All houses were decorated with sizzling lights, flowers and display of dolls. This celebration also includes distribution of sweets to neighbors and children. This is a period when Navratri is going on. Mysore people are religious and they enjoy this festival a lot. The residents of Mysore have celebrated Dasara in this manner for decades.

In olden days Dasara celebration, there was the “Jumboosavari” or the procession of the Maharaja on the elephant back through the streets of Mysore. It is said that Dasara was celebrated in this manner from the times of the epics and was continued by all the kings of Mysore. Even today Dasara is celebrated with the same pomp and splendor with some minor changes. Now the Royal Elephant carries the golden idol of Goddess Chamundi in the splendid procession through the streets of Mysore.


In Mysore there are so many places to visit like Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills temple, Mysore Palace, Brindhavan Garden etc. People can go there and enjoy with their families. Mysore Palace is decorated full of lights in Dasara and on Saturday and Sunday. It looks amazing with the lights and makes you that you are not in India.


I have visited so many streets of Mysore with my friends and had meals with them with different restaurants and hotels. Food is delicious and specially Dosa and Idli, VadaSambhar. We had so much fun on the streets of Mysore. Evening tea makes me feel relax from hard work of whole day.  For shopping also there are so many malls and complexes where people can buy things according to their need and all places are less polluted and good parking and good environment.


I love Mysore so much and I will like to spend my life here in and though it has become a modern city, also fast developing city and believe that has all comforts of modern development, this city has managed to retain all its old world charm.

Sagar Adwani

PGDM 2nd year

MYRA School of Business

Life in Mysore @ MYRA

Almost a year and a half have passed. That’s how long it has been since I landed at one of the famous tourist places in India, Mysore, to pursue my MBA at the MYRA School of Business. Before joining MYRA, I was confused as to which college I should pursue my MBA from. I needed a place where I could enhance my skills and gain proper knowledge.

When I went through the MYRA website, I was a little scared and interested at the same time as it was mentioned that we would be the first batch. They also displayed their excellent faculty list and their contacts. In India, students and parents always judge a college by their placement record. As MYRA was new and had no past placement history, but they reassured us that they would bring top companies to campus. This impressed me a lot and finally I took the decision and here I am at MYRA.

When I saw MYRA for the first time, I fell in love with the place. I have never seen such lovely infrastructure in my life. If I talk about the weather, environment and want to describe them in one word, I will say awesome. At MYRA students of my batch were from 13 different states, different cultures, different languages and each of them had talent and had experiences in different field. It seems so interesting that half of India was together in one place.

Another good thing was that MYRA had come up with a new educational model called Immersion model. In this Model, faculty with a great profile, come from different countries for 15 days and finish their courses and conduct final exams and give grades. It seemed so interesting that we study one subject deeply for 15 days and give exams and get grades at the same time. This model gave us proper knowledge for one subject in 15 days and then we would continue to the next subject.

Wow!! What an Environment the faculty used to create at the time of teaching. It was mind blowing. They shared examples which we have never heard of and also discussed subject related cases with us which were from Harvard University.

As we were the founding batch, there were not any club activities, but we have taken initiatives to start different clubs and we were successful in starting 8 clubs at MYRA School of Business, like Marketing Finance, Arts and Culture (KALATMIKA), Social (Sahaya), Quiz, Sports Etc. Being a part of these clubs, we have conducted so many events like quiz competition, Cricket tournament (MYRA Premier League), Organized Garba night and Ganesh ‘Chathurthi’ festival and ‘swacchbharatabhiyan’.

I can say that MYRA School of Business will be one of the top most colleges in the coming few years. This college is going to build its legacy and we are the roots of this college. After all we are first batch of MYRA!

Sagar Adwani

PGDM 2nd year

MYRA School of Business

Learning from Finest Professors

My daily life starts at 7:30 a.m. when the alarm rings and I wake up to get ready for the start of the hectic day at MYRA School of Business. My hostel is located at one of the most beautiful places of the wonderful city of Mysore. As I slide my curtain, I feel the freshness of the morning and the chirping of birds. Lost in my thoughts about nature, normally the first word that I hear from my room-mate normally is “Mano, please hurry up as I also have to use the bathroom”.

Our class starts normally by 9:00 a.m. and it usually starts with the first question of the day “How many of you have read the case study?”  I sincerely thank Dr Shalini Urs (Chairman of MYRA) for giving us the opportunity to learn from some of the finest professors in their area from around the world to teach us. MYRA follows an immersion model of teaching wherein one subject is taught for two weeks which is then followed by exams. My decision to take admission at this brand new college was mostly influenced by highly learned professors and their innovative immersion learning program.

So our first class is from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and it normally finishes with the discussion about the case study and the theoretical lessons from it. Now comes the most awaited time for PGDM (I am in PGDM) – a long break from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for office hours (lunch break included) where we get to clear even our silliest of doubts (of course many doubts are silly until you know it). The long queue, waiting to clear their doubts, makes some people impatient and leave. Some utilize this best time in the day to compete in the upcoming MPL (MYRA Premier League) or to show their talent in table tennis or exercise their mind in chess. But again there are always some students who utilise this time to study each and every line of the newspaper and I really salute them for the energy and dedication they have got.

Our second lecture of the day starts with the regular theory of the new topic followed by a quiz for the day and the case study for the next day. The class culminates by 4:00 p.m. and we reach our hostel by 5:00 p.m.   I really wonder how during the exams everyone congregates and it really helps us to understand everything that is taught (When I was pursuing my B.Tech at VIT Vellore, we had a joke that what a teacher tries to teach us in whole semester we learn in one day during exams).The class mix in MYRA is quite good (It has students from almost all the states of the country with diversified work experience). Studying the course with PGPX (students who have more than 5 years of work experience) helps us a lot as we get enriched with their experience in industry. The clock on the wall at 2:30 a.m. reminds us that

I thank God for providing me the opportunity to enter college life again. (I decided to do my MBA after 3 year of work exp with TATA). I also thank my parents for having faith in me and the wonderful professors and students who teach me every day how to polish myself to be more successful in life.

Manoranjan Kumar

PGDM 1st year

MYRA School of Business