My musings on Mysore by MYRAcle

One and half year has been passed living in Mysore. From first day when I reached to Mysore I felt that Mysore is an attractive city, peaceful, less pollution, less traffic, following different culture and full of historical places and other than it has pleasant weather. I belong to Madhya Pradesh, where I saw weather change drastically very often. In summer season, temperature is so high it reaches 48 to 49 degree Celsius which is unbearable. In winter, it reaches unbearably low temperatures.

But in Mysore, throughout the year, the weather remains pleasant. Mysore is a city which is a place where people from both India and across the world love to visit due to its relaxed atmosphere and weather.

What a lovely city it is, Mysore has been a city where all religions have co-existed in harmony for many centuries. In history, Mysore was culturally at its zenith under the Vijayanagar Empire and Wodeyars who always encouraged all religions and Cultures without any discrimination. The continuous patronage and helping & support of the kings in every field led to the evolution of a distinct style known as the “Mysore style” in all the fields like painting, architecture, music, poetry etc. over a period of time this culture has spread far and wide it was prefixed with the word “MYSORE” to identify the unique cultural heritage.


Mysore is a developing city. It has become the cosmopolitan city with people from different walks of life living together peacefully. I have seen in one and half year that people in Mysore practicing different faiths live harmoniously and they have very strong value of system and following culture strictly. This has helped the city develop. They have different festivals and they do various celebrations. People belonging to Mysore participate in different festivals and celebrations enthusiastically and by putting their effort to make that event successful.


Mysore is also modern city but it has not lost touch with its traditions and culture. The ultimate expression of cultural unity is witnessed during the 10 day long Dasara Festivities that is synonymous with Mysore. People of Mysore are full with excitement for this festival and they believe that this is one of the good festivals which are celebrated in Mysore. 10 days before the day of Dasara Mysore streets are decorated full of lights. All houses were decorated with sizzling lights, flowers and display of dolls. This celebration also includes distribution of sweets to neighbors and children. This is a period when Navratri is going on. Mysore people are religious and they enjoy this festival a lot. The residents of Mysore have celebrated Dasara in this manner for decades.

In olden days Dasara celebration, there was the “Jumboosavari” or the procession of the Maharaja on the elephant back through the streets of Mysore. It is said that Dasara was celebrated in this manner from the times of the epics and was continued by all the kings of Mysore. Even today Dasara is celebrated with the same pomp and splendor with some minor changes. Now the Royal Elephant carries the golden idol of Goddess Chamundi in the splendid procession through the streets of Mysore.


In Mysore there are so many places to visit like Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills temple, Mysore Palace, Brindhavan Garden etc. People can go there and enjoy with their families. Mysore Palace is decorated full of lights in Dasara and on Saturday and Sunday. It looks amazing with the lights and makes you that you are not in India.


I have visited so many streets of Mysore with my friends and had meals with them with different restaurants and hotels. Food is delicious and specially Dosa and Idli, VadaSambhar. We had so much fun on the streets of Mysore. Evening tea makes me feel relax from hard work of whole day.  For shopping also there are so many malls and complexes where people can buy things according to their need and all places are less polluted and good parking and good environment.


I love Mysore so much and I will like to spend my life here in and though it has become a modern city, also fast developing city and believe that has all comforts of modern development, this city has managed to retain all its old world charm.

Sagar Adwani

PGDM 2nd year

MYRA School of Business