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My favorite Professor — Dr. Govind Iyer

Dr. Govind Iyer has been one of the best faculty I have come across in my life. I am so thankful to MYRA for providing me this life time opportunity of learning from one of the best teachers in the world. He is so cool. It’s very clear that he enjoys whatever he does; he spent several hours after class helping us to understand the subject, played great cricket with us, visited us at hostel, and spent time with us during lunch break. The course tested the skills of the team in understanding of the concept. This process truly justifies the immersion model of MYRA. The course not only dealt with balance sheet but also new concepts of Managerial accounting for planning and control. As the course started it seemed difficult to understand the new world of finance, it was bit of a challenge for students with financial accounting background as well. We progressed really well with his able guidance from the basics to the concepts level. The detailed instructions made it easy for MYRAcles to swim through the course easily. During presentations Dr. Iyer had an eye for detail, having him as a mentor for the presentations was a boon, each one of us had factors to improve both in communication and report write-up. The performance was gauged based on the group activity. We had to coordinate, work in diversity and multi task within our groups, some of the skills defining leadership. We hosted a party on the last day of the course for Dr. Iyer. We had so much fun that evening, we were put on the spot to showcase our talent, which we did. He shared his international teaching & living experiences which was an eye-opener and enriched our learning. In fact, that evening helped us to strengthen our bonds for which we are ever grateful to Dr. Iyer. He is a personality who has inspired each one of us.

S. Varun Kumar

PGDM 2015-17

A Charismatic teacher — Prof. Govind S Iyer

A charismatic teacher who is committed to build a vibrant and interactive learning environment in the class. The way he teaches Managerial Accounting course at MYRA, is like taking the students on a journey to a new place, where he makes the students to explore the place and have fun with it. He values class participation and makes sure that every student is engaged in the class.

Prof. Iyer is well invested into his classes and has developed a good rhythm to how he runs it; the case studies he picks and time lines their presentation are excellent example of his rhythm. He lays out the grading system for reports and presentations to the students very neatly before he gives away the assignments, and he evaluates them carefully to every detail that the students would crowd around him after class eagerly to get more feedback. Prof. Iyer also shares exclusive behind-the-scene insights of his experiences during the lunches and dinners with the students.

Lastly, He always comes to the class in a suit and encourages the students to do the same. He would say, “If you want to become a businessman, you should start living like one”.

Hats off to you sir.

By an inspired MYRAcle


PGDM 2015-17

Of inspiring speeches and cricketing shots – Professor Govind Iyer’s classes at MYRA

How many professors play cricket with students and plan a weekend party with them? We at MYRA were privileged to have Dr. Govind Iyer to not only teach us Cost Accounting, but also share tips on how to play great cricketing shots. He can certainly give some of the current cricketers a run for their money.

At MYRA, we have some of the best faculties across the globe, visiting the campus to share their knowledge and experience in their respective field of study. Our academic year started with the Cost Accounting course that was taught by Dr. Govind Iyer.

Apart from teaching the subject in detail, Dr. Govind Iyer also helped us in improving our presentation and communication skills. Our first set of presentations was based on some of the case studies covering the topics of Cost Accounting. The entire session made us realize the importance of presenting ourselves in the right manner along with the emphasis on our communication skills. Attention to detail was the key point that we students had to take care of while submitting our reports.

Professor Govind Iyer’s classes were very interactive. Each and every student participated actively during his classes. He was very lively in class and always encouraged students to come out of their comfort zones and aim high in life.

During the course, the professor  took his valuable time out to play cricket with the students and also came to college on a weekend to inaugurate the MYRA Premier League, the annual cricket tournament at MYRA School of Business. Age is just a number for Dr. Govind Iyer, who is equally as good in cricket with his batting, bowling and fielding prowess. Post the cricket match, the professor also paid a visit to the students’ hostels and spent quality time with us.

Professor Govind Iyer’s classes kick started our academic career at MYRA and got us going. We were inspired by his speeches in the class and by his boundaries on the cricket pitch.


Ganesh S

PGDM 2015-17