A Charismatic teacher — Prof. Govind S Iyer

A charismatic teacher who is committed to build a vibrant and interactive learning environment in the class. The way he teaches Managerial Accounting course at MYRA, is like taking the students on a journey to a new place, where he makes the students to explore the place and have fun with it. He values class participation and makes sure that every student is engaged in the class.

Prof. Iyer is well invested into his classes and has developed a good rhythm to how he runs it; the case studies he picks and time lines their presentation are excellent example of his rhythm. He lays out the grading system for reports and presentations to the students very neatly before he gives away the assignments, and he evaluates them carefully to every detail that the students would crowd around him after class eagerly to get more feedback. Prof. Iyer also shares exclusive behind-the-scene insights of his experiences during the lunches and dinners with the students.

Lastly, He always comes to the class in a suit and encourages the students to do the same. He would say, “If you want to become a businessman, you should start living like one”.

Hats off to you sir.

By an inspired MYRAcle


PGDM 2015-17