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Abilities Vs Aspirations – Myths & Realities, a talk by Dr.Sanjeev Sukumaran, CEO, ForceFulcrum

Talk was very interesting, thought provoking and very apt to the learning approach at MYRA.

Dr. Sanjeev spoke on the understanding of our abilities, mapping our abilities to aspirations, setting realistic goals, milestones and achieving them in a systematic manner. He defined the three qualities an organization / industry looks for in a High potential / performance employee as Ability, aspiration and engagement towards the achievement of personal and organization goals.  Aligning personal goals to organizational goals helps & leads to a successful professional career.

He discussed about how organizational politics can be good & healthy in a work environment as they help to achieve the aspiration and goals of an organization as a team. The reason for Politics to be bad is our perception.

Dr. Sanjeev stressed on the importance of creating a Personal Development plan for continuous improvement. One should be prepared for interview all the time in a campus like MYRA. Different social media platforms are chosen by MNC’s to select talent. He explained how his company Forcefulcrum, with “Sherpify” as a platform helps students/ job seekers to map their abilities with perfect job roles/mentors. Overall it gave MYRAcles a good picture about what exactly job markets require and how to crack it. We thoroughly enjoyed the talk which had inputs, insights, pointers & humor. A Big thanks to the team of Myra for organizing the talk.




Vallabhaneni Srivalli

PGDM 2015-17