Of inspiring speeches and cricketing shots – Professor Govind Iyer’s classes at MYRA

How many professors play cricket with students and plan a weekend party with them? We at MYRA were privileged to have Dr. Govind Iyer to not only teach us Cost Accounting, but also share tips on how to play great cricketing shots. He can certainly give some of the current cricketers a run for their money.

At MYRA, we have some of the best faculties across the globe, visiting the campus to share their knowledge and experience in their respective field of study. Our academic year started with the Cost Accounting course that was taught by Dr. Govind Iyer.

Apart from teaching the subject in detail, Dr. Govind Iyer also helped us in improving our presentation and communication skills. Our first set of presentations was based on some of the case studies covering the topics of Cost Accounting. The entire session made us realize the importance of presenting ourselves in the right manner along with the emphasis on our communication skills. Attention to detail was the key point that we students had to take care of while submitting our reports.

Professor Govind Iyer’s classes were very interactive. Each and every student participated actively during his classes. He was very lively in class and always encouraged students to come out of their comfort zones and aim high in life.

During the course, the professor  took his valuable time out to play cricket with the students and also came to college on a weekend to inaugurate the MYRA Premier League, the annual cricket tournament at MYRA School of Business. Age is just a number for Dr. Govind Iyer, who is equally as good in cricket with his batting, bowling and fielding prowess. Post the cricket match, the professor also paid a visit to the students’ hostels and spent quality time with us.

Professor Govind Iyer’s classes kick started our academic career at MYRA and got us going. We were inspired by his speeches in the class and by his boundaries on the cricket pitch.


Ganesh S

PGDM 2015-17

Abilities Vs Aspirations – Myths & Realities, a talk by Dr.Sanjeev Sukumaran, CEO, ForceFulcrum

Talk was very interesting, thought provoking and very apt to the learning approach at MYRA.

Dr. Sanjeev spoke on the understanding of our abilities, mapping our abilities to aspirations, setting realistic goals, milestones and achieving them in a systematic manner. He defined the three qualities an organization / industry looks for in a High potential / performance employee as Ability, aspiration and engagement towards the achievement of personal and organization goals.  Aligning personal goals to organizational goals helps & leads to a successful professional career.

He discussed about how organizational politics can be good & healthy in a work environment as they help to achieve the aspiration and goals of an organization as a team. The reason for Politics to be bad is our perception.

Dr. Sanjeev stressed on the importance of creating a Personal Development plan for continuous improvement. One should be prepared for interview all the time in a campus like MYRA. Different social media platforms are chosen by MNC’s to select talent. He explained how his company Forcefulcrum, with “Sherpify” as a platform helps students/ job seekers to map their abilities with perfect job roles/mentors. Overall it gave MYRAcles a good picture about what exactly job markets require and how to crack it. We thoroughly enjoyed the talk which had inputs, insights, pointers & humor. A Big thanks to the team of Myra for organizing the talk.




Vallabhaneni Srivalli

PGDM 2015-17


WoW! MYRA indeed did it in an incredibly stylish way. The Week of welcome (WoW) could not have been better than this. We didn’t even realize that one week passed—listening and learning from great people from industry and academia. It was a great fun going to the one day adventure programme at Pandavpura and Mahadevpura where we did adventure activities and group tasks which were very helpful to know each other and bond very well. It was like a breath of fresh air, to energise us for the hectic academic schedule ahead. To organise such a great event it takes a lot of hard work and effort. So, on behalf of all the students, I would like to congratulate for this successful event and say “thank you” to the MYRA team, especially Lakshmi, Mr. Sumant Bakshi and Dr. Shalini Urs, and everybody who were involved in WoW.

WoW started on 22nd June with Mr. Paul Abraham, a St. Stephens and IIM Ahmedabad graduate and COO of IndusInd bank. Paul is an amazing speaker and human being. Paul shared with us his 30 years of experience, his learnings, his professional journey and the humble background he comes from. He told us the value of integrity and professionalism, and suggested us to keep a journal, introspect time to time, and have fun in this process of pursuing our professional and personal goals.

Next two sessions were by Mr. Diwakar Goel (Senior Audit Manager, GE) and Mr. Rajesh Rege (Managing Director, Redhat). Diwakar told us about his journey in GE and big future trends in business. He told us that every individual is different so we need to spend more time with diversity of minds and people. He also told us the significance of risk taking, how management is shifting with the evolution of technology, and how we should lead by our hearts being authentic and honest about our opinion. Rajesh, in his talk ‘Technology, India and Me’, told about how technology is changing and being shaped by global collaborations, technologies of tomorrow. India as one of the fastest growing economies, offers plenty of opportunities in India and traits of successful people. He also told us that it is very necessary to make a work life balance and it is all about harmony.

Next three sessions were by Mr. Sumant Bakshi (advisor, MYRA),Mr. Chakravarty E S (Center head- Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore) and Dr. Wolfgang Messner (Professor of international business, MYRA). Sumant told us about do’s and don’ts w.r.t. packaging ourselves for the corporate world and how to co-ordinate with MYRA placement cell. Mr. Chakravathy, popularly known as ‘Chaks’, gave us an overview of it industry telling us about Customer priorities, technology trends in IT industry and other technological trends. Chaks talking in a very friendly and open manner guided us about what to do in MBA and how to build our brand. Dr. Messner guided us about successful business networking, growing opportunities as well as competition, what a company looks for? , what opportunities do we have?, and ‘tips and traps of a small talk’.

On Thursday 25th June, we went on an adventure trip, organized in collaboration with National Adventure Foundation. We did activities like trekking, rappelling, zip line, jummering and country rafting. We did kayaking and played adventure team building games too. The location for this outing was full of nature and we enjoyed a lot.

Next three sessions were by Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar (Associate dean & Director of Research, MYRA),combined session by Mr. Ganesh Shenoy K ( AVP-Human Resource, Sonata Software) & Mr. Sayinath A.G (Head- Solutioning & Pre-Sales, Sonata Software),and session by Mr. Ravikumar ( Founder, Maverick Edutech Private Limited). Dr. Sarkar in his session ‘Getting to Top: Talent, Opportunity, Passion, told us about how to find our strengths and weaknesses and what could be the possible steps to work on them. He also told us about what it takes to be a kind of leader one wants to be.

Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Sainath told us about realizing our strengths and working on them to achieve success. Mr. Ravikumar an IIM-A graduate and now an entrepreneur shared his journey from IIM A to creating his company Maverick Edutech. He told us that it’s not about Talent, It’s about attitude and it’s not about an idea, it’s about execution. He told us that hunger for success is the most important quality for an entrepreneur.

Next three sessions were by MYRA alumni – a combined session by Shivshankar (consultant, financial services, Infosys global consulting) and Mr. Rajesh Gaurav (Practice lead-Analytics, NxtGen Data Center). Rajesh and Shiv shared with us their experiences, and emphasised on professionalism. They also told us what corporate world expects from us.

The concluding day was the valedictory session by Mr. Thimmaiah NP (Managing Director & CEO India, Meritor Commercial Vehicle India Pvt. Ltd.) and a session by Dr. Shalini R Urs (Chairperson, MYRA). Mr. Thimmaiah also emphasized about attitude, hard work, willingness to learn, willingness to ignore, and the value of relationship management. He also guided us to handle real life conflicts in organisations and how to lead in a systematic way.

Dr. Shalini told us about ten sutras of management. She also interpreted the meaning of MYRA logo. Having Gandhiji as her idol, she told us how she heard everybody cribbing about the lack of quality education and decided to be the change she wanted to see in society by founding MYRA.

There were lifelong lessons to learn, moments to enjoy, opportunities to network, and memories to cherish. There is so much to tell that I would have written a book but I have tried to be as concise as possible. Thanks again to all the MYRA people for giving us a rocking start to our stint at MYRA. Cheers ….


Anurag Srivastava

PGDM 2015-17